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2/18/2019 : 1:16 pm : +0100

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< Release September 2013 Import von Nutzerdaten
10.10.2013 10:08 Age: 5 Years

Release September 2013 import of user data

Hot news for the cold summer!

We installed the possibility of reading of user accounts with CSV files to simplify the use of the mbl's book in educational institutions. This simplifies the input of multiple users, eg whole seminar groups or school classes.

Module methods: Methods can now be disabled and enabled. Disabled methods are then hidden by default in the display. This increases the transparency in the management methods.

Module users: There are default displayed in the user list in the User menu, only the currently active user. If you want to see all the users must be "also disabled" hooked the checkbox.

With the release of the experiments by the performing employee be sent to the project manager e-mails with a relevant message in order to improve the project managers an overview.

New features to improve safety were also integrated.

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