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23.03.2015 15:21 Age: 4 Years

Release March 2015 Intranet steps

Intranet steps and flexible program control

A.    Intranet steps

The experiment and method steps in the mbl book were supplemented by steps with intranet links. That is, these steps refer to files or paths to pre-defined and shared resources on the intranet. This intranet steps were placed in the mbl book in order to save disk space on the server mbl book and to reduce large upload times.
The saving of memory space is accomplished by avoiding redundant same files on the server. The upload times would be substantial when large files (100 MB and more) to be uploaded. Files can now simply remain in the place of creation. Only in case of need they are uploaded or downloaded directly from the linked resource.
The intranet steps are integrated in the reports almost completely with. For the intranet links no graphical preview is created. This also saves time in setting up the website.

B.    Flexible program control

Users of companies and universities provide some very different demands on an electronic laboratory documentation. Some want to have very strict procedures. For other users, in turn, is the flexibility in the first place. We have added more control options in our software. This allows the mbl book to be more tailored to individual requirements. This relates to the control of signing the experiments, the handling of the methods and the intranet links as well as the change of the person performing the experiment.

C.    Performance improvement in the module / report Print Journal

We have improved the report structure in this module. Thus, we achieve a faster reporty with larger data sets.

D.    Fixes in the user module

We have made improvements in the security of the program.