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< Release Juni 2016 besseres Projektmanagement
27.06.2016 16:33 Age: 3 Years

Release June 2016 better project management

Improving project management in research






Project Management in mbl book means support for all project phases from planning, through studies and subprojects up to the reports.


The aim of project management in the research is clear, comprehensible and thematically comprehensively map research processes. In mbl book this always went. Now project-related rights can be assigned with the new program version within a client. The inspection of the projects can be so controlled filigree.


In mbl book separate clients have been able to be used for a separate presentation of externally funded projects or projects for employees with exclusive privileges.

The clients then each have their own isolated database area. Then in the clients no common database exists together in these cases. The organization of project management for defined user was currently implement only with a separate client.


The new module "working groups" is used to grant only certain employees access to projects and their sections and experiments. One can give to the staff of the "working group" also exclusive rights to certain methods, method categories or method subcategories.


The effect of the working groups consists in the fact that the assigned projects and methods are to be seen exclusive in lists, list boxes, autocomplete fields and choice filters only for working group members. In the database rights for that be deposited. In the modules projects, sections, experiments, methods, method categories, and in the experiment and methods-related reports in particular the rights of the working groups are considered.