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01.07.2014 16:25 Age: 5 Years

The July 2014 release daily logs, sketches and notes

Daily logs and new opportunities in the experiments

The July release of mbl book - the electronic lab notebook - brings many new useful features that make the laboratory work more enjoyable and effective.

New possibilities in experiments:

Processed steps could previously not be modified or supplemented. Steps could later not be inserted.

Here's what happens in the daily work in the lab again. Information such as Pictures are available only later, after the experiment steps were confirmed long ago.

Now there is the possibility to insert texts and documents subsequently taken to the appropriate place. Of course, this is clearly documented. It is documented when and who has inserted the additional step. These steps are then part of the experiment documentation.

Notes and sketches:

But not only that! Who now has like sticking notes to the lab book this possibility. Private notes and sketches can now be attached to each experiment step. These are not part of the documentation and can be read only by the user who created it. Only the creator of these notes can change and delete it.

New Report "Daily Logs":

The daily log relieved to create logs daily, the employees of the routine work. This feature also means that the daily log is also always present in sufficient form and quality serves. The daily logs are always excellent available for the project leader.

Daily logs to a day can be repeated by the new functionality additional steps in the experiments. The previous day logs of that day remain.

The daily logs includes all on one day processed (confirmed) experiment steps ordered by project, section, and experiment. In this case, the step attachments (e.g. pictures redelivered or corrections) are also inserted. The daily logs are always related to only one user.

And the best part is: These extensions are included for our maintenance customers in the maintenance price!