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16.03.2013 18:00 Age: 6 Years

mbl book release March 2013 with experiment export

Now experiments can be exported

New Version

The mbl book version 1-2013 quarter with the release level in 2838 was delivered. So-called white lists were installed for safety improvements in data input in other modules. Further technical corrections have been performed. We improved the presentation of the current insertion point for the next step in the experiments. In the forms "Edit experiment" and "experiment-steps" can send email to people involved in the experiment. This is intended for leaders to improve the control of the work.

Export and import of mbl book projects / experiments

Modules for the project wise export and import of experiments were developed as new features. A project including its experiments can so be transferred from one client to another client. All text steps, documents and links of the involved experiments are part of the transmission (depending on selection).

split mbl book clients

The new project import the exported experiments can be performed on the same web server or on another server. The exported project can be imported also in the origin client to copy a project.

A client to splits with the help of the export function, when a working group splitet in several areas. Now workgroups can first start with a client and split (depending on the economic and technical development) later this client later on a second.

A client in this case represents a separate data space for defined work groups, departments or projects.'s Work in different working groups can be divided better with several clients.

So our users work with the mbl book

A small application example from the field on how to apply the mbl book. The leader uses the mbl book only for research and project management. His rights are set up so that he has no access to the experiment module. The filigree Privileges Setting mbl books makes it possible.

The experiments are so processed and described exclusively by the concerned employee (the performing employee of the experiment).