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6/17/2019 : 8:35 pm : +0200

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< In das mbl book zieht nun Drag & Drop ein
22.06.2018 16:53 Age: 360 Days

Drag & Drop now moves into the mbl book

The handling of the mbl book becomes easier with the version 3487. This additional functionality is built into the 3 modules experiment header data, the experiment steps and the method steps. The display and downloading of images in the experiment steps and the method steps is well supported by the standard browsers. Many image formats can be converted for display.

The drag and drop takes place via an upload area, which is marked by a cloud with an arrow. By selecting a "cloud" of a dedicated step, one can thus control the insertion point of the documents in the experiment steps.

The next pictures show the application of Drag & Drop in mbl book.