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5/27/2018 : 7:24 pm : +0200

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Tuesday 08. November 2016

Implementation of the GLP guidelines with the mbl book

How can I correctly comply the GLP requirements for research documentation with the mbl book?[more]

Monday 27. June 2016

Release June 2016 better project management

Improving project management in research[more]

Monday 23. March 2015

Release March 2015 Intranet steps

Intranet steps and flexible program control[more]

Tuesday 01. July 2014

The July 2014 release daily logs, sketches and notes

Daily logs and new opportunities in the experiments[more]

Thursday 10. October 2013

Release September 2013 import of user data

Hot news for the cold summer![more]

Saturday 16. March 2013

mbl book release March 2013 with experiment export

Now experiments can be exported[more]

Thursday 27. October 2011

November 2011 Release: Links + customer feedback

November Release The input of object and file names were changed in the November version. So-called "black lists" have been used so far. The data input is now based on "white list" from the mbl book version...[more]

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