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Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the Mbl book bring me financial advantages?

    Yes definitely! for example...

    a) the Mbl book makes you find research results through full-text search, which avoids spending lots of time searching in the archives.  

    b) it speeds up work processes and reduces the time for new employees to get into the new job  

    c) predefined methods and old experiments can be used for new recordings by a mouseclick  

    d) easier und better planning of projects, project sections and experiments.  

    e) readible, clear structured documentation  

    f) quick professional presentation of projects ans experiments by a mouseclick, for instance for contractors, shareholders, managers and partners  

    g) research results and method know-how can be shared within the team. This leads to a reduced loss of know-how and to accelerated and more efficient research activities

  2. How easy is it to put the Mbl Book into practice?

    Within half a day all employees understand how easy this software works and that it is self explanatory. After that you can straight away start to work with the mbl book. It is made for researchers to enjoy working with it.

  3. Does the Mbl Book support me with implementing or running a quality management program?

    Absolutely, it supports you as it can show your own set rules and standards (SOP's) and the general guidelines (GMP, GLP, GCP). Through building methods based on the required quality- and safety standards it is easier to set quality standards in your laboratory.

  4. Can I also attach pictures, excel/word or other files to the experiments?

    Yes, that is possible. They will then also appear in the reports, which are generated by a mouseclick and shown on the computerscreen, printed on paper or burned on a cd.

  5. What legal and official requirements are to be met when documenting laboratory experiments electronically?

    The recognition of lab books is not legally defined. Lab books, which contain gentechnical work have to respect additional documents or part of the legally required recordings about gentechnical work. That is why the lab book in this case has to correspond to § 3 (Form) and 4 (Storage) of the GenTAufzV (law for gentechnical recordings). Furthermore lab books should be able to link the form Z and GA in terms of content and time.

    Recordings of gentechnical work have to be stored in Germany depending on the security level for either 10 years (with level S1) or 30 years (as of level S2). Also more required recordings result from other areas i.e. from the Gefahrstoffverordnung (=translated dangerous material ordinance) and Biostoffverordnung (=bio material ordinance). Within the respective storage periods the recordings have to be forgery-proof, change-proof, understandable and reproducable without any change. Electronic recordings are explicitly authorised, as long as the above mentioned requirements are met. See the GenTAufzV § 3 line 2.

    Recommendations to good scientific practice has been released in 1998 by the Commission "Selbstkontrolle in der Wissenschaft" (="self control in science") of the German Research community DFG as a guideline. These recommendations do correspond in terms of information technology to the recording requirements of the above mentioned requirements from the GenTAufzV.

  6. How can I increase the security that experiment recordings are not changed by using the Mbl Book as opposed to manual documenting?

    • Manual lab books can theoretically get lost or can be replaced. Manual recordings can also be signed later. This is not possible wenn using the Mbl Book, as electronic experiment recordings are not changeable after conclusion of the data input. Comments to experiments are recorded with the specification of user names and dates. The security that data are not changed is already deposited here as an algorithm.
    • The Mbl Book is password protected and user rights are set by defined rolls (i.e. administrator, projektmanager, projektresponsible and employee). Herewith it is shown at any time who has recorded what at what time.
    • A so called consistency test checks if and when an interference from outside the Mbl Book software has been attempted and informs about what changes have been made. There is not such possibility when documenting manually.
  7. How are the requirements mentioned in question nr.5 met by means of the „mbl book“?

    This is already partly answered by the answer to question nr.5. In addition it should be mentioned that to any experiment a PDF-file can be generated, where automatically the actual project manager and project responsible employees are mentioned. This serves to make responsibilities transparent. In these records the biological and gentechnical security levels are mentioned as well as its clear structure of content and sections. This enables you to check the completeness of the experiment records.

    The report module generates out of the completed experiments an electronic document (PDF-file) All records, read in external data and data bases are periodically saved. The module print data generates data, which the user can save on a change-proof medium. With this the user meets legal requirements. For example from a DVD all data incl. navigator are shown unchanged.

  8. Can I have access to my Mbl Book and save data from outside the laboratory?

    Sure, if the data security management of your company allows it, you can have access to the Mbl Book via VPN from anywhere you like as long as you have internet access.

  9. Who is using the Mbl Book already today?

    A lot of laboratories active in the field of biotech research are using the Mbl Book and enjoy the comfort and the easing of their work.  Universities, Start-Ups, Spin-Offs as well as private companies, who conduct research and sometimes also do produce, in the most diverse fields, are part of our customer port folio. Should you wish any references we are happy to bring you a demonstration of our satisfied customer or to bring you in touch with our customers.

  10. How does the Mbl Book facilitate the laboritory organisation?

    The communication within the team is made easier. The search for experiments, results, project sections is getting much easier. The lab manager has a clear overview about his or her team's actual research activities through which he/she can better support his or her employees.

    The Mbl Book enables also a better planning and control of activities. Growing organisations stay, thanks to the Mbl Book, well manageable. The cooperation within the team gets more of a stressfree and effective atmosphere.

  11. The Mbl Book is browser based. What does this mean?

    This means, that no software needs to be installed on the local PC working stations but on the central server.

  12. What are the recommended system requirements for the mbl book?

    Server: Linux, SQL-Database (MySQL, MariaDB), Internetserver

    With up to 5 users the mbl book can be applied in a virtual environment on a windows server with powerful hardware. The disc system should be built with hard discs with are suited for long time performance. It is mandatory to use a data security solution with a daily back-up of all data and the data base with sufficient media auditing.


    Operating system: Windows 10 Professional, (Windows 8.1 Professional, Windows 7 Professional, Windows XP Professional), Linux (e.g. Debian 6, Debian 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 9.6)

    Browser: Mozilla Firefox 31.x to Firefox 66.x, Firefox portable, MSIE 11.0, Firefox compatible browser like Google Chrome and Apple Safari

    The tested versions of the individual system components are announced by our technical department.

     The mbl book also runs in virtual enviroments such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V Server or other.

  13. What language versions are available?

    The program has been planned for multi language usage. Today, German and English language versions are available.

  14. What should I consider when using multiple languages?

    Different language display within the program depends from system and browser.

    Par example, to display all dialogs in German on a English configured system within firefox browser, the undefinedGerman language pack must be installed as addon in firefox. Changing between German and English in firefox is as follows:

    cd "c:\programme\mozilla firefox\"
    start firefox.exe -contentLocale en -UILocale en



    cd "c:\programme\mozilla firefox\"
    start firefox.exe -contentLocale de -UILocale de
  15. What content extensions are planned?

    • Modul materials:
      More flexibility to be able to take on individual material type specific fields
      Build in of the capability to recognize charges
    • Reports: Project cost determination
  16. What system-technical extensions are planned?



    • Enlargements of the consistency test information to monitor the security of the software against outside change attempts
    • Blocking of sentences /transactions (as of the 6. licence)
    • Data coding (with module GVO)
    • "mbl book" is continuously adapted to new browsers and new system environments
  17. What security offers SMI for the future?

    SMI cooperates with an increasing number of companies, who work since a long time and with pleasure with SMI, because accuracy, reliability and a very good value for money sensitivity is offered. SMI Softmark Informationstechnologien GmbH works already since 1990 in the area of softwaredevelopment.

    The„mbl book“ is realised with modern,  future secure softwaretechnologie. The software is hardware-independant, browser based and runs with the latest database technologies. Further modules are planned. With a cost effective service contract you can benefit from the content developments of the Mbl Book.

  18. What does the system cost?

    This is depending on the amount of users and the amount of clients (closed group of users) The price is, as we know from experience, well below the classic LIM-systems. undefinedWe are happy to inform you and we are convinced that you will be pleased with our prices and conditions. .